Detail Your Classic Car


Classic Car Detailing in Memphis, TNArt & Speed offers vintage and exotic car detailing services. We provide this as part of our classic car consignment program, or as a standalone service, just like our other services. Within our facility and with our local partners, we can offer anything from a quick cleanup to a high-end in depth paint correction.

We detail the exterior of your valuable car with care and precision. We remove gunk and tar and road grit, buff out scratches, and repair nicks, chips and dings. We polish to a high shine, and if necessary, remove the top layer of oxidation. This is particularly effective for red paint, which loses its purity and gets a pinkish tone. Our exterior detailing services will reveal the true red color once again. 

We clean your wheels and tires, grille, bumpers and windows. 

We detail the interior of your car from the carpets to the upholstery, from the doors to the dash. We can remove many stains and return a luster to once shiny accessories. 

Our car detailing services also include the engine bay, undercarriage, and running gear. We want the car to be in its best presentation possible, so we clean the hard to reach places and the neglected spots. 

Please call us today at (901) 850-0507 to schedule your detailing service, or contact us online. We’d love to help you bring back the shine!