Financing your Classic Car


So you’ve found the car of your dreams here at Art & Speed, but you don’t have the cash on hand to make the purchase outright? You have good credit, and a solid income which would allow you to make payments, but most banks and other traditional lenders don’t understand the value of unique, pristine vintage cars. 

Art & Speed works with multiple financing institutions that specialize in making loans for all the cars we sell – classic cars, muscle cars, antiques, hot rods, modern luxury cars and exotics. They have experience loaning to buyers of vintage cars and understand both the current and rising values of classic collectible cars. 


Art & Speed Partners 


J.J. Best Banc & Co., based in New Bedford, MA, is the largest specialty car lender in the US. They have financed classic and collector cars for several decades, and they enjoy a reputation for excellent customer service and low monthly payments. It often takes just a few minutes to get credit approval. Apply for financing online in the security of the J.J. Best website.



Woodside Credit

Woodside Credit, based in Irvine, CA was founded in 2003. The owner’s previous business offered loans to RV owners. Woodside Credit now offers loans on the kind of unique, high-end automobiles that we sell here at Art & Speed. They deliver loans with terms as long as 12 years, and strive to offer the lowest monthly payments. Apply now via their their online financing application.


These financing partnerships allow your vintage car dreams to become reality. Get started today by filling out a financing application online. 

You may also fill out our contact form for more information, or give us a call at (901) 850-0507. Please be sure to tell us which vehicle you’re interested in.